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    SS4000E raid 1



      I´m still using an SS4000-E nas and i want to use raid 1 but in 2 "pairs" so disc 1+2 is one raid 1 and diskc 3+4 is another raid 1 - but i can´t get it funktion !.

      I´ll not use raid 10 if that means data is spread between the disc´s , If the nas goes down , it would be much easier to get the data - even if one of the disc is bad!.Newer nas can run several raid 1 - is it not possible with SS4000-E ????

      Thanks in advance

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          The SS4000 supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 10. You can use RAID 1 if your storage system has only two disks. You can use RAID 10 if your storage system has four disks. There is no capability for two sets of RAID 1.