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    Silent Install of SCS


      Hi All,
      I'm trying to install Intel SCS  silently and failed due to username, password for service.
      While installing SCS it's asking for service username and password , we need to enter manually and then only installation succeed.
      Do we have any other option to take the credential of logged in user automatically for running Remote configuration service? - like we can enter %USERNAME% or used windows NT authentication(integrated security)

      I created silent install script file(silentinstall.iss), username and password are stored in the
      silentinstall.iss,if I use the silentinstall.iss for silent install in some other machine with another user account,
      it get fails since username, password is not matching.

      We can get logged in user name and update silentinstall.iss, but i hope we don't have option to get password for logged in user.
      I'm looking for an option to install SCS silently without asking username, password.
      Any one succeed  silent install without modifying silentinstall.iss for username, password?



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          Could you please provide the version of SCS that you are attempting to install?

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            Hi David,

            I'm using SCS version 7.0. I'm trying to install SCS silently with the logged in credential of user(Had Admin rights)





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              Hi Mani,


              The key here is to have a user that has local Admin permissions on the system where you are doing the installation.  So here are the options:


              1. Manually change each silentinstall.iss file for each installation.
              2. Create a script that prompts for the UID/PWD for each installation and modify the silentinstall.iss file in the script.
              3. Create or use a UID/PWD that has local Admin permissions on all installation systems so that the silentinstall.iss will not require change.  This assumes the systems are in the same forest/domain or this UID/PWD in installed on each installation system as an local Admin user.