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    Best RAM for different purposes on Intel boards


      I need some help in deciding a stable and high performance desktop system configuration for a new range of products that we are planning to launch in a month or so.


      My questions regarding the configurations are :

                                My proposed config:                                         Target Customers:

      i. Processor: i5-2500K / i7-2600K  |  MOBO: DP67BG           Extreme/Hardcore/Enthusiast - Developers(IT), Gamers, Designers(Maya, 3d Studio, Auto cad)

      ii. Processor: i5-2500 / i7-2600  |  MOBO: DP67BG               Advanced - Gamers, Developers, Designers (one level below extreme)

      iii. Processor: i5-2300 / i5-2400  |  MOBO: DP67BA               Medium - Gamers, Developers, Designers (one level below advanced)

      iv. Processor: I3-530 to I5-680  |  MOBO: DH57JG /               Home Use / Students / Business Users                                                           

                                    DP55WB / DP55WG / DP55SB / DP55KG


      My Queries:

      i. Which is the best performing and suitable Kingston Hyper X  T1 and H20 RAM in the capacity of (4, 8 and 12 GB) for target customers "Extreme/Hardcore/Enthusiast" ?

      ii. Which is the best performing and suitable Hyper X Genesis DDR3 Memory RAM in the capacity of (4, 6 and 8 GB) for target customers "Advanced" ?

      iii. Which is the best performing and suitable Hyper X blu DDR3 Memory RAM in the capacity of (4 and 6 GB) for target customers "Medium " ?

      iv. Which  the best suitable graphics card in the capacity of 512MB, 1 and 1+ GB memory for all the above three combinations ?

      v. Out of the motherboards listed in config 4 above, which two motherboards you would suggest to go with for best price, feature and performance combinations ?

      vi. Which are the best Value RAMs from Kingston in the capaciy of 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 GB  for target customers "Home Use / Students / Business Users" ?

      vii. I could not find intel motherboards for following processors in your website: i5-2500T, i5-2500S, i7-2600S. Can somebody help me in locating motherboards for these processors along with RAM combinations?


      I have been doing R & D to finalize best possible stable and high performing combination of hardware components since last 20-25 days and are almost done with all combinations. But am stuck with above points. It would be really great if somebody from intel or any community member can help me in finding a solution to our problem by suggesting appropriate hardware with exact model number and configuration and a reference link from where we can get more information on product.