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    Replacing DH67BL-B2 with B3 - BIOS & Driver Procedure


      I just received my new replacement motherboard and would like to know if I should step the BIOS updates or go straight to the latest version? In other words, are there any prerequisites for the latest update?  Also, are there any other updates that affect board operation?  I'm up-to-date on all Intel drivers on my Sys-Disk. The plan was to just swap the new board in, start under configure to check setup then boot from my C drive.


      Has Intel published any procedure for replacing the motherboard?


      Seems like they left everyone to fend for themselves.

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          Apparently, just treat the board as new but don't reload the OS. I did a recovery BIOS update from a thumb drive to 110 then a standard boot. Windows started then appeared to reload all the drivers. It was tense for a moment when my wireless keyboard and mouse froze but that recovered quickly.  Another boot, a few BIOS option checks and here I am running on a DH67BL-B3 and a happy camper.