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    510Series Not bootable, not showing in windows, but shows in bios


      I have a relatively new 510 series 250GB SSD by Intel


      Problem: Secure Erased SSD in secondary windows install on another internal HDD. Secure Erase failed with no error message. Reboot PC to install windows to 510 series and:

      The SSD shows up in windows installer screen

      The SSD Is displayed on Windows Instal screen as a disk of unallocated space

      Windows cannot be installed to the SSD because "it is not bootable"

      The 510 Series SSD does not show up in device manager, my computer, or the drive list in Intel SSD Toolbox when ran from a secondary internal HDD/OS


      I'm running off my backup windows partition but I wanna get everything installed back to the SSD, but Windows doesn't want to install to it, and its not detected in an installed envrionment at all



      What can I do?