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    can wolfdale replace conroe?




      Can someone tell me, please... can an E6320 conroe processor be replaced by an E6700 Wolfdale processor?  My mobo is about 4 years old.  It is an Intel "Michal Trails" board.





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          I went ahead and bought/installed a Wolfdale E6500 in place ot the E6320 Conroe, and IT  WORKS GREAT!!!!

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            Just so you know..the true successor to your Core 2 Duo E6320 is Core 2 Duo E8xxx Series and not Pentium Dual Core E6xxx Series that you got, and i am saying that because your old processor had the Clock Speed of 1.86 GHz, L2 Cache 4MB and FSB 1066MHz. Your new processor has a Clock Speed of 2.93 GHz, L2 Cache of 2MB and FSB 1066MHz. In my opinion your true Upgrade path would be (if motherboard supported it) to get a Core 2 Duo E8400 with Clock Speed 3.00GHz, L2 Cache 6MB and FSB 1333MHz.

            Both Pentium Dual Core you got and Core 2 Duo E8xxx Series are Wolfdales...