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    Intel ss-4200e four drive failure any help would be appreciated




      I have Intel ss-4200e with 4 1TB Drives and it has been working fine for about 6 months. We had some bad storms and power was out for a couple days. We the power was restored system restarted and gave me 4 amer LED lights (4 Drive Failure). I did some seraching and found the four drive failure threads and attempted the various fixes. I logged in through Putty to check processes no help. I did a reset and it didn't help so I did factory reset and it briefly showed that drive 3 was the only amber led and then all four went amber, So I guessed that dirve 3 was bad. I ordered replacement and installed. I got four Blue LED lights for a few minuutes then they all went amber again. So. now I am stuck any suggestions?

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