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      Could you Please help me fix this ( When i turn on my computer it comes up with a message saying my AMT is disabled how can i enable it)  PLease






      Thank You






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          Javed Lodhi

          Hi Suzanne,


          First, this specific question should be posted in the vPro community here on Open Port - we have a dedicated community for vPro known as Intel vPro Expert Center managed by our ace vPro genius Josh Hilliker.



          Second - You can enable Intel AMT through the BIOS. Press Ctrl +P

          while you reboot the system to get into the bios - this will take you

          to ME BIOS settings, where you can enable AMT. You also have to install

          the appropriate BIOS update and drivers for using Intel AMT depending on your motherboard which you will find on Intel's support website.



          Let us know if you have any further questions and in case you have problems locating drivers/BIOS upgrade for your PC, let us know the motherboard model of your PC and we will help you locate the drivers.










          Warm Regards,





          Javed Lodhi





          Intel Go Green, Save The Environment!

          • 2. Asking about intel core 2 extreme mobile

            I want to buy a laptop with the best technology, because i want to play crysis game in my laptop, do you have tip for me. I also need a laptop for extreme multimedia and extreme speed for wireless connection. And also can keep the battery long.

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              Javed Lodhi


              Hello again our dear Guest,



              First - If you want to play Crysis, here are the minimum and recommended requirements you should meet to install and play this game on your laptop so when buying a laptop, you must keep these requirements in mind Also consider your pocket



              System Requirements





              Microsoft Windows\^[[22]\


              Operating System

              Windows XP\

              Windows Vista\


              2.8 GHz or faster for XP, 3.2 GHz or faster for Vista

              Intel Core 2 Duo\ @ 2.2 GHz, or AMD Athlon 64 X2\ 4400+


              1 GB RAM\ for XP, 1.5 GB RAM for Vista

              2 GB RAM

              Hard Drive Space

              12 GB of free space

              Graphics Hardware

              256 MB video memory, NVIDIA\ GeForce 6800 GT/[ATI\


              ATI] Radeon 9800 Pro (Radeon X800 Pro for Vista) or greater

              NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB or ATI 2900XT 512MB

              Sound Hardware

              DirectX 9.0c compliant card (DirectX 10.1 compliant if applicable)


              Other than Crysis, as you mentioned you want your laptop for extreme multimedia performance and extreme speed for wireless connection, any good frequency Core2Duo processor will do otherwise you can always go for Quad-core or an Core2Extreme processor but make sure you know that Core2Extreme processors cost a lot more than Core2Duo or Quad-core.



              As for extreme speed for wireless connection, i.e. you want good speed on wireless connection in terms of bandwidth, you can always go for a wifi card with '802.11g' or 'n' but this would only provide you good local bandwidth and long range in terms of connectivity with your wireless access point (WAP). As for the internet bandwidth, that depends on your ISP and your internet connection.



              Last but not the least, expecting a longer battery time with such hardware requirements, well at max in actual you will only get a battery time of 90mins to 140mins max since you will have to reset power option to HIGH PERFORMANCE while playing Crysis but yes, as for the rest of the things, it might actually give you more battery time since Quad-core and then Core2Duo processors consume a lot less power than the older generation processors. Meanwhile you can opt for an additional battery options to avail the prolonged battery times.



              Intel's new 45nm based ATOM processor consumes a lot less battery and is known to provide more battery life in mobile devices that can actually range from 210mins to 270mins however since it's frequency and L2 cache is a lot less than it's cousins Core2Duo, Core2Extreme and Quad-core, it would not meet your requirements for a gaming laptop. You might also want to check out ALIENWARE notebooks that are custom built for gaming.







              Warm Regards,




              Javed Lodhi



              Intel Go Green, Save The Environment!





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