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    D865GLC iFlash Issues


      I removed a system board from an older PC and replaced it with a compatible board (Intel D865GLC). I am trying to flash the bios using the iflash method so the newly installed board will be recognized. I downloaded the designated file (BF86510A.86A.0077.P25.IB) and followed the instructions on this page:



      Using a writable CD, I selected the iFLASH.EXE and P25-0077.BIO files per the instructions and wrote them to the CD using ImgBurn. I restarted the PC, tapped the F2 key, and selected the CD/DVD ROM as the first boot option but when I restarted the PC nothing happened.  Next, I tried writing to a floppy disk. Per instructions, I selected the RUN.BAT file and followed the prompts to create a bootable floppy disk but upon reboot (selecting the floppy drive as the first boot option) I received a Non-System Disk or Disk Error.


      I tested both the floppy drive and CD/DVD ROM with other media and both work fine. Any further instructions, tutorials, etc. will be greatly appreciated as I don't want to make any major mistakes and the Intel instructions only serve to add to my confusion. Many Thanks!