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    Troubles installing Intel HD Graphics Driver for WinXP with SCCM 2007 SP2



      I need to install the Intel HD Graphics Driver, its latest release for Lenovo Thinkpad T410/X201, WinXP x86, via a SD package with SCCM 2007 SP2.

      I downloaded the driver from the Lenovo website and built a package for a silent install (just adding -s to setup.exe)

      If I run it manually, it works fine

      If I have it run by a SCCM SD program, it runs fine, but the SCCM program log reports error 14, so SCCM keeps re-executing the installation over and over again. The IntelGFX log shows no error, the drivers installs fine... why does SCCM say it didn't ? SCCM reports that error code (14) is related to the product.


      I have already tried posting this question to Lenovo forums... no answer.

      any idea here?