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    Intel DH67BL showing less ram in BIOS as well as in system properties.


      Hi all,

                I recently purchased an intel I7 2600K processor along with Intel original DH67Bl motherboard.I installed 2X4GB Corsair 1600Mhz XMS3 Ram...The total installed memory is 8GB...But after installing and starting the system,It shows only 6GB in bios as well as in system properties.I have installed windows 7 64Bit...Also i m not able to format the OS ,whenever i tried to do that its shows some blue screen and telling that your hardrive may have some viruses or it may be damaged.Also some applications like 3ds max and maya are shutting down automatically even at some very lower memort load,which was not happening in my earlier Intel dual core 1.4Ghz processor and Intel 945 GCNL motherboard system...I found an additional problem that some time my keyboard is not getting detected in bios and also after booting up. when i unlpug the keyboard and plug it another USB it gets detected...But after some system reboots the same problem arising...Everytime the problem occcurs i have to unplug and plug it in alternative USB...so its seems to be a sttrange problem...Please help me