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    DX58OG SATA 6 Gb/s port issues?


      Here is my issue:

      Windows 7 64-bit will either freeze at different points during the install, or if it does install, then getting it to warm boot 100% of the time without freezing/locking up during the boot-up.


      My config is as follows:



      I7-950 CPU

      Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1600MHz 2GB x3 memory (BL25664BN1608.z16F63)

      GTX470 Nvidia

      Western Digital 5002AALX 6GB SATA drive

      Antec EA650 Powersupply



      I have 6 of these machines up and running. I never have any issues with them posting. All the issues are within the OS.

      I've tried everything I could possibly think of. New board, new processor, new memory, new vid card, new hard drive, new power supply. I've also tried I7-960, Kingston Memory that is on the Intel Compatibility list for the i7-950 cpu, a few different models of Nvidia video cards, different manucfacturer/model/watts of power supplies, and a Seagate 6 Gb/s SATA drive ST3500413AS. Also during the troubleshooting, I've tried several different SATA cables.


      I've noticed a few different things with all these machines. Some of them will actually install Windows 7, but at one point or another, it will eventually freeze during a warm boot. It may take several tries, 5 or 6, before it does it.


      But on all of these machines, if I move the 6 Gb/s drive to one of the 3 Gb/s ports, I have no issues at all. Also, if I take a 3 Gb/s drive and plug it in via the 6 Gb/s port, I also have no issues. It is only when I have the 6 Gb/s drive plugged into the 6 Gb/s port that the problems start happening.


      Oh, I've tried with the 0765 BIOS rev and of course the latest, 0779. All defaults have been loaded. AHCI is enabled for the Marvell chipset.

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          You have a  Marvel 88SE9128 controller on the SATA3 (6G) ports.  Read this thread:  http://communities.intel.com/message/123718#123718


          This may not be your problem, but getting the new Marvel driver solved all of mine.

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            Thank you ToxicWolf, I did previously read that thread. I noticed all the issues were RAID related, and just not quite the same as the issues I'm having here, but I am testing that driver now. I'll let you know how it turns out.


            Unfortunately, I failed to mention that these machines are to be loaded with Ubuntu for final production. Ubuntu is experienceing strange issues on the boot-up as well. I am barely able to click around in Ubuntu, let alone troubleshoot it, so we have been working with Windows. If this driver is the answer, then I will certainly pass that along to my fellow linux guru's, and let them play in the swamp for a while.

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              To give an update here. We have determined that the problem is with 1 of the 2 6GB/s SATA ports. On about 90% of the motherboards all problems were associated with the top SATA port furthest away from the motherboard. That port number *should* be PORT 7. I say *should* because the diagram layout differs from that which is stamped on the board. The BIOS appears to be dead-on with what the board has stamped on them. With that in mind, 10% of the boards had all the problems associated with port 6, which would be the bottom port closest to the motherboard.


              Out of 14 physically different systems so far, some of them the exact same hardware all the way through, some only had the same board and processor, every single one of these has only ONE good 6GB/s SATA port.


              Needless to say we are not happy at all with this board.


              Intel has given us a large mixture of data. Some at Intel will say that they have heard of such a problem (i.e. some phone calls and concerns), but they cannot replicate it at this time.


              Other people at Intel will say that this board is completely solid with absolutely no known issues of any kind.


              We are currently building a system to give to intel with the issue present.


              If anyone else has seen or heard of anything like this, I would love to hear your feedback.




              On a side note, possibly not related at all, we have also noticed a few bad SATA ports on some new 6 series boards. I've had a hand at building near 9,000 Intel-based systems so far, and before about 2 or 3 months ago, I've seen ONE bad SATA port and it was actually PHYSICALLY damaged. With this new 6 series, we have seen 5 random boards (DH61BE x3, DP67DE, DH67BL) so far where the OS just will NOT install on one of the 6GB/s ports. As soon as you move the HDD to the other 6GB/s port, everything plays nice.

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                Hello. Just build an i7 machine on a DX58OG board with two 6GB/s hard drives, WD5000AAKX (500GB) on port 6 (bottom) and WD2002FAEX (2TB) on port 7 (top).


                Windows 7 installed just fine on the first drive, but the second drive would not format. It would show up in windows, but any attempt to format would tank all processes. I would leave the room, thinking it was just taking a while, only to return to find the machine rebooted and stuck at the dreaded windows logo screen. This would happen whenever I would cold boot. After system repair, the same thing would happen ad nasuem. Not surprisingly, when I unplug the drive (on port 7), the machine boots fine.


                I plugged the 2TB drive into another machine, to see if there was something wrong with the drive itself, and it quick-formatted in a matter of seconds with no issue. I plugged the formatted drive back into the first machine, again on port 7 (top), and still got the hang on the windows logo.


                Then I googled the issue and came upon this post. Here I am, and it appears my top 6GB/s port 7 will not work, just as you have reported.


                Is there a solution, or do I have to return the board for a working one? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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                  Is there a solution, or do I have to return the board for a working one? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

                  Hello Steven,

                  Intel has had our test system for 2 weeks now with no mention of progress (if any). Our Intel reps have also not heard anything as of this moment. Your the first person that has even mentioned experiencing the same problem, so I do thank you for that. At least I know I'm not crazy.


                  We have still been building systems with this motherboard, but we have only been using port 6 (bottom). I have noticed, however, that we received a new batch of boards with a different rev (AA number). We have yet to test it though. I will not be in the office until Monday the 13th, but I can try to contact one of my associates to get that new AA number. What is the number you have by chance?

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                    Hello. I've discovered a few things since my post.


                    It is only my 2TB Caviar Black WD2002FAEX drive that will not work on either SATA III port. The ports are not defective as I first suspected, as my500GB WD5000AAKX drive (boot) actually works fine on either SATA III port.


                    The 2TB Caviar Black does, however, work normally on the SATA II ports. After running WD LifeGuard, the drive passes both quick test and extended test. So it is not the drive. The cables are also not defective.


                    When plugged into SATA III, BIOS recognizes the 2TB drive, as does device manager and Disk Management in Windows 7, but it cannot be accessed, formatted, or partitioned (attempts result in an error).


                    There is probably an issue with the drivers handling drives of 2TB (possibly 1TB) and greater. My drivers, by the way, are Marvell 91xx SATA 6G v1.2.0.1002 (Dated 3/7/2011). Word on the street is the Marvell drivers ain't so hot, and just using the Intel controllers results in equal-to-better performance.


                    I am waiting to hear back from Tech support as they "recreate my system," but you know how that goes.


                    I will post if I find anything new. Please do the same. And thanks again.

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                      just to let you know we have similar issues.


                      We are having problems with the DH67BL boards,


                      Board: DH67BL B3 SN: BTBL121000V7 AA G10189-206
                      Processor: I7 2600K
                      Memory: KVR1333D3N9/4G X2
                      HDD1: OCZ Vertex3 SSD 120GB
                      HDD2: WD1002FAEX 1TB


                      Both HDD connected to the Sata 3 ports.

                      1TB cannot be formatted, works fine on another system. Windows 7 Pro is on SSD, sometimes it won't boot from the SSD.

                      So far out of 4 systems 2 are having issues.

                      We tried latest Bios, drivers, etc. We replaced 2 boards and haven't update yet to the latest bios, so is still 076 and so far so good.

                      Open case with Intel, still waiting.

                      If the WD HDD is connected to the SATA 2 ports everything works fine. So far we cannot tell which/if SATA 3 ports are the problems.

                      Also SATA 3 ports are marked wrong: Bios and markings on the boards show one thing, and the Intel sticker, Intel website, AND Windows shows them the other way around. If SSD is connected to SATA 0 acording to Bios and markings, Windows will see it connected at SATA 1, as the second disk.


                      Please post any updates here, we (and the customers) are waiting,


                      thank you.

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                        Interesting. It appears that Intel has a huge problem with the Marvell chipset all around. We had a conference call with them regarding the test system we sent them. They claim they cannot replicate the issue and explained to us for about 5 minutes as to how to plug a SATA cable into both a hard drive and motherboard. They didn't want to take in consideration that we built 4,000 plus systems last year alone, or the fact that there are multiple people on this website with the same issue. Immediately after that conference call, we just happened to have another random DX58OG system in the shop and we replicated it with only one single reboot. And yes, we plugged the SATA cable in until it clicked....


                        My personal opinion is that they do NOT want another situation like they had with the initial recall at the beginning of the year, so they've decided that this issue does not exsist.


                        I think we have decided to take our business to a different manufacturer.


                        I hope you find a better resolution than we have.

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                          Thanks for update.


                          Today another system crashed, 3rd out of 4. Upon restart it won't boot from SSD after the 5th or 6th tried it finally boot.

                          On another system we noticed huge lags on opening simple jpg file, something around 20 sec for a 20kb file.


                          We decided to move the second HDD to a SATA 2 port, all systems are working fine, of course.


                          Intel is trying to avoid another situation, but for how long can they keep it under the lid.


                          We have over 100 system running on SATA 3, but only 1 HDD connected there.


                          Thank you.


                          PS We also builded thousands of Intel systems and servers, we know how to fit a bloody SATA cable.

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                            Now the fourth machine has crashed.

                            Same specs as the others, worked fine for about 10 days then suddenly freeze, upon restart not loading windows etc.

                            Once we moved one of the SATA3 HDD to SATA 2 problems were gone.

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                              Update: even with one HDD on SATA3 the problem is still there.

                              Today one HDD didn't showed up in Bios, the one connected to the SATA3.


                              After 3-4 reboots it finnaly did show up.