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    Updating BIOS on intel S3000AH motherboard


      I am building a server from scratch. There is no OS installed - all new and unformatted HDD's.


      I want to upgrad to the latest R51 BIOS for the S3000AH motherboard. I made a DOS boot CD-Rom using the DOS.iso image file and booted up and entered the utilities program. Downloaded the R051.zip file, placed it on a USB drive. Browsed to the USB drive and tried to flash but get error message (file not valid).



      Unfortunately, you cant perform the BIOS update from a standard 1.44 floppy disk because the AH86051.CAP file is too large ( 1927KB). The iflash32.exe file is only 139KB so it fits on the floppy no problems.



      Its frustrating...I dont know why I the .zip file wont work - it was downloaded from the intel website for the correct S3000AH board. I am going to try using a win98se boot disk to enable CD-Rom support and see if i can flash the BIOS that way using the iflash32.exe program.



      What have i missed? It shouldn't be this tough to upgrade a BIOS on a new system with no OS.






      Mark Gommers