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    Intel Desktop Utilities alerts resets do default after boot


      Hi, I just purchased my second Intel motherboard and installed Intel Desktop Utilities. When I change the Temperature threshold in the "Options --> Set Sensor Threshold" button, the next time I boot the computer IDU resets to its default values and keeps popping up unwanted alerts. I don't like to disable any alerts, so is there any way to work this around and set threshold limits for good?

      IDU has a "other/unknown temperature" sensor (that usually is around 30 degrees Celsius), but its default upper threshold is zero C (?). I've just upgraded to the version and it didn't solve my proble.

      My previous PC (that was purchased back in 2005) also had an Intel board and IDU used to have the same problem (not keeping threshold changes after a few booting), so I think this may be some sort of issue inherited from the early versions of IDU.


      Thank you.

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