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    i5 2500 Overheating under load!


      I just build a brand new system the middle of April.


      I haven't had a huge amount of time to play with it yet, but in the last few days I'm seeing that when I use the CPU hard, it's over heating.


      I am not overclocking, everything is base settings out of the box and I'm using the standard heatsink and cooler that came with the CPU.


      When I'm gaming (things like Crysis 2 etc) the processor gets up to about 65°C, which is all fine and good. But I noticed under a few others situations the heat would push up to about 80°C and I'd stop whatever apps etc I had running.


      I downloaded Prime 95 to stress test my system, so I could try and figure out if the CPU is the issue or not, and sure enough, when I run their stress test, the system revs up and quickly hits 85°C and the software that came with my motherboard (ASUS Sabertooth P67) starts throwing up alerts because of the CPU temp!


      I've got all the current system drivers for the main board and the CPU.


      I've pulled the Heatsink, cleaned it and the CPU and reapplied the thermal paste, but the situation still occurs.


      I need to know what my next steps to testing this thing are so that If there is a thermal issue with the CPU, I can get it exchanged before too much time goes by! (I ordered the system on the 14th of April).


      So the synopisis is, under normal and light usage and even some gaming temps get up to 65-68°C. Run something that pegs the processors at 100% and I'm overheating in only a few short minutes. (Oh, and my typical idle temp when not doing anything runs between 30° and 40°).

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          If the processor temperature is reaching 80 degrees Celsius, I will suggest testing the processor on a 2nd fully compatible motherboard to see if it has the same behavior, also make sure the motherboard is fully compatible with the processor.

          If the same issue continues, then you might want to contact the place of purchase for warranty options.

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            Ok, small discovery....


            I don't have a 2nd board to test on, but it's definitely compatible. It's an ASUS Sabertooth P67.


            My discovery is this. Right in the BIOS is a button to switch between Quiet, Normal, and Performance settings.... On normal the CPU gets up to 72°C when running Prime95, which from what I can find is at the top of the acceptable range for the CPU. Although I found the downside to this was that it seriously cut the performance on my Vid Card because the normal setting also seems to affect settings for the PCI-E slot.


            Weird enough, the only difference I can see CPU wise is that on normal setting the Core Voltage was 1.184 and on the performance setting it was 1.280, which also seems to be within the normal range of things.... but it causes the temp to go up over 80°C.


            So I gotta find out what the difference between the Normal and Performance settings are.


            I think I'll also try an aftermarket CPU heatsink and fan and see if that makes a diff. lots of people are recommending I look in that direction.

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              I would, I have the Corsair H50 on mine and it idles at 25-30 and maxes out at 45-50.