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    Intel SRCSASBB8I - not able to see 3TB drives


      Hey Guys,


      I have a Intel SRCSASBB8I raid controller and just hooked in 8 x 3TB drives, they are detected but only as 2TB drives. I believe the LSI 1078 ROC is to support 2TB +, but Im not detecting it.


      I thought a firmware update might help but no such luck.


      I also have scrolled around and since I can not see any information if this card will support 3tb, if the chipset does, can I prehaps use the LSI 1078 firmware from other sites?


      I hope John s @ intel see's this and has an answer


      thanks in advance.



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          The SRCSASBB8I uses the LSI SAS 1078 ROC.


          Due to the hardware limitation in supporting 32 bit LBA commands, the 106x and 1078 ROC controllers will only allow access to 2TB space. There is no solution to this and it is a permanent limitation products with these controllers.


          Due to this, a user will be able to access only up to 2TB space on > 2TB drives.


          I misspoke about the 1078 chip in an earlier post.