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    Hi, l have a few question/s, regarding my laptop's chipset? Thankyou..:)


      Hi, so like my topic line states, l just want to ask a few questions. Ok, l am using a compaq 6720s, HP laptop, and my chipset is, 'mobile intel 965 express chipset family, and my operating system is XP Pro.


      I tend to waffle on a bit, so l'll try to keep this as short as possible.


      Firstly, when l start my computer/laptop, and reach the desktop, my screen quickly goes black and then back to normal. This happens in a split second, and l know this doesn't seem like a big problem, however l would (if possible), like to get some answers, could it be related to my chipset, or resolution?

      If you need more information, l will be glad to supply it.


      My second question is regarding computer games, or more precisely PC games, and with no disrespect, but upon research l found out that my graphics card/chip (intel family chipset 965), isn't a good one at all, but would it be capable of supporting old PC games, from the 90's or say up until, 1990-2005, and l know that the intel corporation hasn't tested every game, and nobody on earth would have the time, but what about in your best opinion?

      I mean obviously dos games should be no problem, because they're old, to put it simply, but more modern pc games, l mean.


      This is the way l see it, right, l think from reading, on the web last night that my/this particular intel chipset was released for laptop's in 2006/2007, so any PC game that was made before then, should be fine with this chipset..in terms of graphics, obviously speaking.


      So it's got to do with timing, for example, the mobile intel 965 family chipset, wouldn't be able to support a pc game, that would be made in 10 years from now??


      So all in all, l would be grateful if l could have some advice/or solutions to my questions, the screen flickeing upon desktop, and this chipset and how well would it support pc games. In your best opinion. I'm simply beimg curious.


      And hey i'm sorry to ask such dumb question/s, l do know some things related to computer's and the internet, but technology isn't my specialty.


      Thanks again, Ciao!..:)


      P.S. sorry if l have the wrong section too.