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    About PCH, AUX and Voltage Regulator, showing on the maintenance soft/program


      Hey guys quick question,


      What is and what it is used for : PCH , AUX and Voltage Regulator

      (And I need to know if there is anything wrong with the temperatures.)


      They're showing on the maintenance programs I'm currently using : SpeedFan, Intel Desktop Utilities.



      Here's a image of the report with my PC on "IDLE" status :



      and in case you can't access the link or idk (this is my "average" temperature readings) :

      GPU: 62°C

      System: 33°C

      CPU: 38°C

      AUX: 127°C

      CPU die: 39°C

      PCH: 59°C

      Voltage regulator: 44°C

      Memory: 33°C

      HDD: 39°C





      PS: In the eventual case of any of you thinking that there is a problem with my cooler, it's not, it's brand new (hyper tx3 - Cooler Master) and it's working properly.