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    Intel Modular Server Hard Drive Issues


      I am hoping someone can help with my situation.


      I  am a Network Admin for a small private college.  We have a Modular  Server MFSY35 with three Compute Modules (MFS5520VI) and 6 Seagate  1000gb ES.2 hard drives.


      It sat on a shelf for about a year and we recently began to set it up.


      We  had it working with Windows Server 2008 r2.  It was not in production  we were still in the process of setting it up to migrate three of our  servers to this system in the next couple of months.


      We had a  community wide power outage early last week.  When the power came back  and we turned the chassis back on it was reporting that three of the  hard drives were missing.  Each time we power up the chassis different  hard drives will come on.  It is random which drives “wake up”.


      Today  I updated to the current firmware.  I have also moved the hard drives  around just to see if they would be recognized in other slots.  Again,  it was random which drives would be recognized each time I powered up  the chassis.


      I have seen threads discussing hard drive issues after an unexpected power off but none discussing the drives reported missing.


      Is  there any known issue on this topic?  Is there a way I can trouble  shoot this to determine if it is a hard drive issue or a storage  controller issue?


      Thank you for any help.