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    Intel 915GAG with 3Ghz 800 Mhz very very Noisy


      Hello All,

                   I have an intel D915 GAG motherboard with Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz 800 Mhz. The CPU cabinet make lot of noise as if the core doesnt cool at all and the fan keeps running making noise. The noise is just like a humming noise. Earlier it used to make this noise when I say processed a video compression or something heavy putting load on the CPU . But now the noise always is there once I start the machine.

                   I have also installed 2 cooling fans on the cabinet so that they would drive the hot air in and pull surrounding cool air from outside the cabinet in but still its the same noise.

                   Is there a way I could get it to cool down?

                   I heard that the 3Ghz processor with HT technology itself is the noisy one. Is the 2.80 GHz with lower speed say 533 Ghz help in this respect with the board 915GAG?

      Any hints are very much welcomed.

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          Some more info:

          The temperatures that I am getting are :

          CPU                         :68C

          Internal Temperature  :53C

          Remote Temperature :51C

          Fan RPM : 4869 RPM

          These values were taken using the software : SpeedFan

          Are these values high? Will replacing with 2.8 GHz processor help in reducing the noise? Is 2.8 Ghz cooler than the 3.0 Ghz . I suppose the Intel 3 Ghz 800 Mhz processor is from the Prescot family. Will the motherboard 915 GAG support other processors then prescot? It requires the LGA775 socket i suppose.

          Any inputs are very much welcomed.