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    Faulty i5 2500k?


      Hi All,


      After experiencing a few BSOD's in Win7 x64 I looked for a solution and found a BIOS update for my Asus P8P87 mobo. That has since resolved the BSOD's and the (I think) related WHEA cache hierarchy errors in the windows system event logs.


      Since then I have tried updating my Ubuntu 10.10 installation to 11.04. The problem is that as soon as Ubuntu starts to load I'm met with the following continuous scrolling error - 'hardware error no human readable mce decoding support on this cpu type'. I find it hard to believe that Windows is more tolerant of CPU faults than Ubuntu, does anyone know if this is definately the processor, or a result of bad RAM/GFX?

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          Quick follow up:


          I've run the Intel diagnostic tool and passed everything except the base clock test, which appears to be because the tool has not been updated to support 2nd gen i5/i7 processors. The intel burn test didn't phase my desktop on maximum settings in the slightest.


          I'm starting to think this is a problem with something other than the CPU, although I'm no expert.

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            You're right about the Processor Diagnostic Tool, the base clock seems to be hard-coded to 133MHz, vs Sandy Bridge's 100MHz.


            Your other problem might be a missing or old driver problem, it doesn't seem to be a CPU problem.