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    BUG Report: Minor distortion problem with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD


      I have a asus k52f laptop with a 15.6inch LED screen and it is using Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD. I have set the monitor to turn itself off after 1 hour of no activity. Sometimes after 1 hour when I come back and move the Mouse to turn the screen back on, there is some distortion that looks like static you get from a tv with bad reception in the taskbar, and in the title bar of Internet explorer 9, and also in the middle of the internet explorer screen. To fix the problem I have to minimize internet explorer then maximize it and then the distortion is gone. Here is some of my laptop specs:


      Asus k52f laptop

      Windows 7 Home premium 64bit

      Internet explorer 9

      Adobe flash player

      Intel Core i3 m370 2.4ghz CPU

      Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD Revision 18

      15.6inch LED screen

      Intel havendale/clarkdale host bridge Rev 18

      Southbridge: Intel HM55

      Resolution: 1366x768. 32bit color depth .Refresh rate 60hz.

      Downloaded ALL high priority and optional Windows Updates, EXCEPT for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 but that is just a collection of old updates and some new features and some people said it crashed their pc so I'm not installing SP1.



      Can the Intel staff please respond here and also release a Windows update that will fix this problem?