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    Problems with internal lan on DH57JG



      I have a problem with my internal network on my DH57JG Board.


      Somtimes the network card fail to start, in device manager "this device cannot start error code 10"

      It usaly helps to uninstall the network driver and reinstall it and it will work.


      Problem2: (Main problem)

      After a time running I get notification that network cable is disconnected and then connected again.

      This will continuie and will happens up to 5 times per minute.

      And it will not stop until I restart the computer.



      Somtimes I only gets 10Mbs connection and not 1Gbit/s but that not so often.


      What I have tried to solved it:

      Change the network cable

      Change the switch

      Tried different network driver versions.

      Static Ip and Dhcp

      Tried differnent settings on the network card

      Updated BIOS to Latest version.

      Tested with both Win7 32bit and 64bit


      I realy think there is a hardware problem with the network card, what do you think?