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    Graphics drivers' setup.exe launches turbo boost installation



      I have been unable to fix an issue, so I made this forum account to ask for some help.


      I have a Dell XPS L501X with an i7 Q740 and Nvidia GT 435M.  The graphics card is supposed to have "Optimus", meaning it should switch off (and enable intel graphics) when not needed.  I have determined that this is not happening.  In other words, the discrete graphics card is always running.  This is making my battery drain much faster, and it also seems to be generating more heat and noise.


      In the device manager, under "display adapters" only the Nvidia card is listed.  I figure the Intel HD graphics should be listed there also, but it is not.  I have tried to download and install the appropriate intel graphics drivers, but when the setup.exe is run for the drivers something strange happens.  Instead of installing the graphics drivers, the setup.exe tries to install turbo boost drivers.  (I have tried graphics drivers from both intel.com and dell.com)


      This has lead me to believe that turbo boost is not working properly.  But, looking at the "Turbo Boost Technology Monitor" provided by Intel, it seems to be working just fine.  I did notice that in the device manager, the turbo boost driver has a flag next to it with error "This device cannot start. (Code 10)".  I believe that the turbo boost does not require this software driver, and it is working dispite this error message.  By the way, speed step is activated in the dell bios.


      So, that is where I am at.  I can not seem to get the intel graphics drivers to install.  If you can offer any help it would be greatly appreciated.