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    DG965WH - Login is reversed


      I am running Win7 64-bit PRO w/8G of RAM, on the subject mobo and as of two days ago when I reboot, my mobo beeps about 30 times (as if there was a stuck key) right after the Win7 splash screen is shown and then continues with the boot process.  When presented with the account login screen my password goes in backwards (characters are inserted at the beginning) forcing me to input the password backwards.  I havent noticed consistency yet but some screens such as Outlook, will require input to come in backwards and I did note that when tring to highlight some text for cut/paste, the highlight fails as soon as Ctrl-C is done.  A reboot will stop that but the reverse of password on account login is always reversed.  I use a wireless mouse and keyboard (Logitech) and the batteries are fresh.  Does anyone know how this got started?

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          I found out by a process of elimination that the problem was in the LogiTech mouse.  My grandsons have dropped it too many times and on the last trip to the floor I was sending all sorts of signals that not only caused the random reversal of text but a myriad number of other problems.  I thought the problem may have been with the keyboard but having a spare USB mouse, I took the batteries out of the wireless mouse and plugged in the USB mouse, rebooted and ergo, no more problems.