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    vPro over internet


      Good afternoon ,this tecnology  vPro too  to allow me management a pc  that is out of the networking  in where stay my console.(que este fuera de la red )en la que esta la consola,atraves de internet? si asi fuera cuales son los pasos que hay que seguir?



      What  steps I must know ?






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          Javed Lodhi


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          Can you kindly elaborate since what I have been able to understand is that you want to know that "if a vPro PC is not a part of your network as in, a host in your network but still connected to your network somehow, would you still be able to manage it via Management Console?"



          Well the answer is: You can manage a vPro PC from the management console provided the PC is connected to the LAN and has an IP address. This PC can then be accessed using it's IP address and the ports required to access it via management.



          For further details and insights on a vPro, I'd encourage you to take a look into our vPro Expert Center.






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