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    Odd SATA port 0 problem - DX58SO w/latest BIOS


      I built my system using a CoolerMaster HAF case which includes two two hot swap bays accessable from the front. The bays are connected to SATA ports 0 and 1 and the BIOS is set to AHCI. The top port 0 bay normally contains an intel 160 gb SSD with a Win7 system install and the bottom  port 1 bay normally contains an Intel 80 gb SSD used as a "scratch disk". All of this works perfectly.


      I purchased an additional bay drawer and installed in it a 500gb WD Caviar Black on which I installed Suse 11.4 to learn Linux (at my age...yeah, right, but I do want to try while I have a few functioning neurons left). This is where I am having my problem, well, not really a problem per se' but a source of irritation nevertheless.


      My plan was to be able remove the Win7 drawer and insert the Linux drawer and voila! - I'm running Linux. Unfortunately, for some screwball reason the BIOS refuses to recognize the WD drive in the top port 0 bay but it does recognize it if I insert it into the port 1 bay....booting the machine with the linux drive inserted in the port 1 bay works just fine. I had an old MAXTOR drive that is recognized in the port 0 bay just fine but it is too slow thus the reason for going to the Caviar Black drive.


      I think all this tells me that the cables and connections etc are all OK but there is a compatibility issue between port 0 and the Caviar 500gb drive which makes no sense at all because I also have two 1tb Caviar Blacks being used as storage on ports 2 and 3 and never had a moments trouble with them.


      Is there anything anyone can think of to make port 0 and the 500gb Caviar Black play nice together or knows a reason why this is happening


      Any feedback will be most appreciated.