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    I'm using HP's 6021 tx laptop, Help me.


      I'm Korean. I'm poor at writing English.

      I hope you understand me.

      In America, It is called "dv6t select edition"

      My computer spec is this


      CPU : Sandybridge i5-2410m 2.3Ghz

      Ram : Samsung 1333Mhz DDR3 8G

      Graphic Cards : Intel HD graphic 3000

                              Radeon HD 6770M

      OS : Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit(installed by me)


      Ah .. This model has switchable technology of AMD.


      I think It is a graphic cards problem.

      I format hard disk and setup OS.

      and setup other drivers.


      After I setup "ATI drivers"(It worked well), I set up "Intel HD graphics"

      but it didn't work and said like this "This system can not fulfill minimum needs of this program."

      So, I could not set up HD graphic driver.


      However, When I check "control panel", HD graphics card and 6770M installed perfectly, so I could use "switchable technque"

      What a weird !

      These drivers were downloaded from HP homepage.

      and I installed fully any other drivers.(from HP homepage.)

      I hope to know why I can not install HD graphics driver.

      Please anyone help me.

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          Hello justilaw,


          I see that you are inquiring about the fact that you cant install the latest Intel® HD Graphics driver on your system.


          Usually on systems that have dual graphincs controllers the drivers need to be customized in order to work. Please note that the drivers that are provided by us are generic versions that may not work on every system.


          I recommend you to download the latest video drivers from your system manufacturers web site, those drivers should work perfectly with your computer.