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    RAID Volume Expand


      HI, I have a RAID problem that I was hoping to have someone help me with.


      I had a 320GB RAID 1 setup on a Gigabyte EP35-UD3P motherboard and one of the drives when bad.  So I purchased 2 1TB drives to replace the raid 1.  I installed one of the drives and had the system rebuild the RAID array and now my 1TB drive has 320GB with the rest unuable.  I also installed the other drive after pulling out the remaining 320GB HD.  Now I have 2 1TB drives in RAID 1 showing only 320GB of space.


      I was wondering if I could expand that to the full 1TB?  I tried to do it with Matrix Manager, but it didn't take for some reason.  It allowed me to start to the process in the console, but then after the system rebooted, it still shows 320GB.


      Thank you so much for your help