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    DH67GD, DVI output with HDCP?




      I bought the DH67GD mainboard and I use the DVI output for my monitor. The monitor is HDCP capable at the DVI input. When I execute the PowerDVD 9 application that checks the BluRay compatibilty of the whole system it says that the monitor isn't HDCP capable.


      I suspect that the DVI output of the mainboard doesn't support HDCP. Is this right? If so, I can buy DVI-HDMI adapter because HDMI must support HDCP.


      Thanks for your answers.

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          The DVI and the HDMI ports on the motherboard are HDCP compliant so our recommendation is making sure you have the latest drivers or firmware update for the monitor and if possible test with a different player or software application to reproduce BluRay*. Check that the media (Bluray* disc) and cables comply also with HDCP.