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    Intel ... testing products that is selling?


      I know that testing and writing code is not easy but... this is ****... maybe graphics chip is not bad, but drivers?! Its easy if you can't finish something don't release that. Bigger flash ads are giving nearly same effects.

      Know issues:

      2d3d:     the game of Serious Sam 2 hangs

      2d3d:     System hang when run FarCry2 benchmark


      WHO WILL EVEN THINK ABOUT PLAYING SS2 OR FC2 on thing that have problem with flash ads, scrolling web sites, and  8-11 year old games like NFS5.


      Like i've been supprised hi performance of my e7400 (in my pc at 3.6ghz), that now i won't buy any thing that have Intel logo.

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          What is the system in the video? Is it an Atom based system?

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            Win7 pro, aero turned off, 2gb ddr2 with atom z520. Asus 1101ha (upgraded to 2gb ram). With win xp on board isn't better. Some apps work faster in software mode than in hardware accelerated by graphics(strange? isn't it?) for example web browser. I don't expect miracles but problems with scroling web sites (and simple flash/java ad/player/game/anything can cause random driver restart) in device that is designed for web browsing is to much. I have latest driver *.2030, all power saving options most of time are off.

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              OK,, Atom was not designed for graphics intensive gaming , it was designed for Internet browsing primarily, thus "Netbook". I would check the game manufacturers website to see if their game is supported on Atom based systems.


              Now the web browsing issues you are having are a different matter, issues with scrolling , Flash, etc. and restarts are a different matter. Are you sure you have the latest driver? You mention version 2030, however the latest is 2230 available here.

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                When i look on this i think that was designed for displaying desktop. Atom isn't bad gma500 is bad and

                Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150!=Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 500  i have latest driver.


                Hmm intensive gaming.... 8-10 year games that i've played on riva tnt2 m64 on full detail here don't work... error (that is driver failture) or work slooow - to intensive?


                Web browsing is that what is netbook designed for, so when i buy things like this i expect that i can comfortably surf web. In this point we are far away from that.

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                  Don't bother omen, Intel will never assume the fact that they make awful drivers. I recommend you go ahead and try some Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, the open source drivers are a thousand times better than the official ones.    

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                    I've tried (about half year ago) ubuntu 9.10 with psb driver and graphics work not bad but power saving is worse than in windows (about 1/2 to 3/4 working of windows time) in my Asus.