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    G41 Graphics issue


      I'm running into a video situation on systems running the G41 graphics that I need assistance with.


      Our environment is running Windows XP Pro, 3 monitors (all LG) one VGA analog connected and 2 USB daisy chained together and into the system.


      After a reboot, affected systems will see all 3 monitors bounce around resolution occasionally displaying small boxes of RGB along the top and 50% of the time one of the USB monitors will eventually revert to 640x480 resolution and require another reboot to move out of.


      I have already tried the driver located here: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-030332.htm with no success.


      I have found that while the issue is occurring, if I go into task manager and end process on the GFXUI.exe the issue stops with no resolution changes at all.


      I can force the event at any time by right clicking on the Intel TSR in the sys tray and selecting "Graphics Properties."


      At no point is it writing any entries into the system log files.


      These systems are running .NET 3.5 sp1


      Does anyone have any ideas at all on this?