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    DP55KG estata drive


      I have a DP55KG MB but the two onboard estata ports will not work.

      I have all the black and blue ports occupied. Total of 8 drives now.

      Will the board accept 2 more drives on the 2 rear estata prots?

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          ESATA port for you to connect to External Hard Disk via ESATA cable.

          so that can fully untilize SATA's speed for data transfer.


          correct me if i'm wrong.

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            My question is, What is the Stata capacity of the Mother Board?

            8 internal Drives and 2 external Drives for a total of 10  or a total of 8 drives?


            The documentation is unclear on these times

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              check this



              - Eight                                                         Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s ports including two eSATA ports


              and this



              1.6.2 SATA Interfaces
              The board provides eight internal SATA connectors. Six connectors (black) are through
              the PCH, which support one device per connector, and two additional connectors
              (blue) from a discrete controller.


              1.7 Discrete SATA Controller
              The board includes a discrete Marvell 88E6145 SATA controller that provides two
              internal SATA ports (blue) and two eSATA ports (red) on the back panel.

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                Thanks for your repsonse, and the links to the documentation.   I have an additional question. 
                Currently I use the 2 internal interfaces (black)  on IDE mode, 2 stata DVD recorders. But the estata interfaces (red) will not work.
                - In order to use the external drives do I have to change the BIOS to RAID?
                - If I change the BIOS to Raid will the two internal interfaces still work in IDE mode, and the estata interfaces (red) work on RAID?

                -  My Objective in this exercise it to be able to boot from an external Hard Drive, when needed.


                From the  Technical Product Specification Manual

                1.7 Discrete SATA Controller

                The board includes a discrete Marvell 88E6145 SATA controller that provides two

                internal SATA ports (blue) and two eSATA ports (red) on the back panel.

                1.7.1 eSATA Support

                The red eSATA connectors on the back panel can be used to connect an eSATA drive.

                They can also be used for port replication, which allows the aggregation of multiple

                hard drives on each of the eSATA ports. Figure 10 on page 42 shows the location of

                the External SATA -compatible SATA ports on the back panel.

                The Marvell 88E6145 controller uses the PCI Express bus for data transfer with a

                theoretical maximum transfer rate of 3 Gb/s per port. These connectors are in

                addition to the six SATA connectors of the PCH SATA interface.

                To use the eSATA ports you must enable RAID support in the BIOS for the Marvell

                discrete controller. The two internal ports can stay in the default IDE mode if RAID is

                not required.

                The discrete SATA interface supports the following RAID levels:

                • RAID 0

                • RAID 1


                The Marvell 88E6145 controller supports single drive non-RAID configurations as well

                as RAID configurations. For RAID configurations, you must install the RAID drivers by

                pressing F6 during operating system installation. See your operating system

                installation documentation for more information about installing drivers during the

                installation process.

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                  in order to boot from external hard drive, just need to pressing F10 key during boot and it's allow you to chooice which device you want to boot up.