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    Burn in for E8400


      I am working on an upgrade for someone and have a question about the Retail 3GHZ  E8400 Core 2 with 6 Meg Cache.   I have done numerous upgrades and have generally run a 24 hour burnin thinking that it gives the thermal paste time to set in, but I am now wordering if this is really necessary.


      After installing the processor onto the MB and then mounting the fan, will it be necessary for me to run a 24 hour burn in for the fan paste to melt onto the processor?  If so, should the CPU be orientated horizontally or vertically durring this process?


      The user of the E8400 CPU will:

      1. Always run the CPU in the vertical orientation.
      2. Never overclock the 3GHZ E8400 Core 2 CPU
      3. "May" subject the E8400 2 hours a day of pure torture at 75% or greater utilization.
      4. "May" acidentally catch a power virus [1] causing their CPU to ping out at 100% whenever the computer is on.

      [1] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_virus




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          I confirm it is not necessary for the system to be run for 24 hrs. for the thermal paste to be spread on the surface of the processor.  The moment you install the heatsink/fan, the pressure it generates spreads it, and then, once you turn the system on, it could just take a couple of minutes (say 5 min. as average) for the thermal paste to melt in.

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