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    RMM3 preformance - lag with remote console


      We have several Intel servers (35) with S5520HC server boards with RMM3 cards installed.   We have found that the console preformance is poor, very high lag.   Screen refeshes are very slow.  Takes about 30 seconds for the mouse pointer to move etc....    We also have some older Intel server with RMM2 cards that do not have the issue.   Accessing the server console via the RMM2 is like working in a remote desktop session.   The issue with the RMM3 exist on WAN connection with 10MB fiber link.   Is there some setting I can change to improve the preformance on the RMM3 cards.   S5520HC board is running the latest firmware.   The OS is Windows 2008R2.



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          There are a few things you can try, that I found in other community threads on the RMM3:


          1) Make sure all RMM conections are made before AC is applied.


          2) Flash the BMC code with the RMM installed.


          3) Make sure there are no conflicting IP address on the network


          4) Make sure BMC and RMM do not share the same subnet


          5) RMM can be reset by restoring the BMC default configuration using SYSCFG tool and then reprogramming


          The RMM3 also uses a lot of TCP/UDP ports.  Have you tested with a client plugged in to the same switch as the S5520HC, so you're not going through a router first?

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            Jason Tan

            The latest firmware for the S5520HC is located here.


            Also, try disabling the KVM/Media encryption on the web console , this can be found under Configuration -> Remote Session , see if this helps.