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    i7 2600K V i7 990X


      Hi all.  I'm looking at building myself a new gaming PC, and am wondering what processor to use.  I personally would think that the 990X has to be a better, quicker processor than the 2600K due to it having 6 cores over 4 cores.  Would this be correct?


      Probably a stupid question, but I don't want to spend $1300 on a 990X if the 2600K would be a better option.



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          If the software (game) that you will be running is designed for multi-core processors, then the game will have better performance with a processor having more cores, however you need to ask the game developer if the game is designed for multi-core processors.

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            Sorry, Maybe I should've been abit more specific.  What I am trying to find out is, what is the better, quicker processor.  I know that if a game has multi-core support, the multi will be quicker, but what about in general useage?


            What I really wish to try to find out is, both processors have very similar Ghz, so what makes one better than the other?  If the 2600K is the newer processor, and it's quicker than the 990X, why is the 990X so much more $$?  I currently have 2 systems, 1 is a dual core E7500 @ 2.93 Ghz, and my gaming system is a Q9650 at 3.00 Ghz, but in all respects the Q9650 rolls the E7500.  Would this be the same with the 2600K and the 990X?  

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              990x is the latest/best 1366 socket processor, and it's newer than the 2600k socket 1155

              990x overclocks higher and beats both 2600k and 980x

              990x runs cooler than 980x

              990x is more future proof with its 6 phisical cores


              If you want to buy this beast you'll have to wait until the price drops at the end of 2011 (actually that's what i'm doing))


              Good luck            

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                I'm not sure if the newest Core i7 990X is much faster than Core i7 2600K. What I'm sure of is that the latter (Core i7 2600K) is much faster than the Core i7 980X.




                Sandy Bridge core processor is much better for gaming than Gulftown. It overclock higher than Gulftown hence it runs cooler. It uses less wattage power too.


                Very few if any current games run more than 4 cores. The original Crysis runs only on dual cores the maximum. I guess Crysis 2 utilized dual or quad cores the most (though unlikely). I yet to see a game that utilized on full hexa cores.


                Unless you're running a PC purely for Benchmarking I wouldn't consider getting the fastest Gulftown. I't might be faster overall (I'm not sure about this hence I still got to see its comparison Benchmark) but it you're talking of gaming Benchmark, I still think that Sandy Bridge is faster.


                Considering the price of the newest Gulftown ($1,000) with that of the fastest Sandy Bridge (Core i7 2600K) which you can buy on sale around $280, it would be a waste of money even if the latest Gulftown turns out to be slightly faster. The Core i7 990X will be the last Gulftown. By year's end, it will be purely Sandy Bridge line up sitting on the throne.


                The higher cost of Gulftown fabrication process is what makes it expensive. It's not because it's faster than Sandy bridge.

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                  The big question is... FUTUREPROOF?


                  It looks like you still can use your current Sandy Bridge mobo with future Ivy Bridge core processor. I guess Intel's roadmap has change as a result of that Sandy Bridge fiasco.



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                    Here is a comprehensive review of the i7-2600K vs the i7-990X, including gaming tests:



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                      This review proves once & for all that there's hardly any reason at all to go with Core i7 990X. In all game Benchmarks, the Core i7 2600K bets the competition. At present, the Core i7 2600K remains the fastest CPU out there. It would be stupid to consider buying Core i7 990X based on this review.

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                        I just builed new pc and use following hardware


                        Processor -> intel i7 2600K

                        Motherboard  -> Gigabyte Z68X-UD3P-B3

                        GPU -> HD5850 1GB DDR5


                        I check the system information and there is 2.7GB video ram available. Z68 Chipset unlock intel i7 2600k integrated HD3000 video memory?