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    RMM3 Remote management module


      On the S5520UR board, does the RMM3 emulate a USB keyboard, or a PS2 keyboard?

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            Does it matter for some reason?


            The RMM3 uses a USB interface to connect the RMM vitural Keyboard and Mouse.


            If you look in BIOS set-up it reports the Keyboard & Mouse there along with any local keyboards & Mice.

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              I wanted to install SCO Openserver 6.0.0 on this system http://www.intel.com/products/server/systems/sr2625ur/sr2625ur-overview.htm

              The problem was that the installation routine requested input from the keyboard before loading the USB keyboard driver.

              I resolved the issue by:

              Building a simple desktop system with an IDE controller, 2gb of memory, a standard PS2 keyboard and mouse, and a PCI Express slot.

              I installed the LSI RAID controller(LSI00178) in the PCI Express slot along with four 256gb SSD disks and a standard IDE cd-rom, as primary master.

              I booted from the SCO boot disk (second cut) and loaded the megasas driver from the SCO maintenance pack 4 device driver cd.

              When the installation was complete, I rebooted the system and installed maintenance pack 4, and most importantly installed OSS714 which is a fix for a USB 2.0 problem with systems having more that 4gb of memory, and  the network driver package (nd) on the MP4 driver cd.

              Finally I installed the RAID controller, and the SSD's into the SR2525UR chassis.

              The onboard ethernet chip is not supported, so I substituted an Intel PRO1000MT.

              All of the cd's used are available from SCO's web site.