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    Strings on characters and weird texture errors




      I am the owner of a Vaio Laptop EA33FB computer. It has Intel HD Graphics. That's what i know about it.


      It has 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB on HD.


      In the first two weeks of usage, everything worked fine.


      But after having an error on a game called Sword 2 - Granado espada during it's patch, I had to reinstall.


      After reinstalling, the graphics started giving me errors on certain characters in the game play, making this:


      (click on the images to view them full - forum cuts it to less than half)









      Also in The Sims 2 gameplay, the floor changes texture. The normal settings - Grass, streets, neighbour houses - Everythign changes to one tiled pattern of something weird that looks like engine pictures. Sadly I have absolutely no idea of how to take a screenshot on The Sims 2.


      I used to own an Asus Eee pc, a small netbook, where the graphics were perfect. The screen was small, but i had zero errors when it came to the inside of gameplays.


      These are the game requirements:




      These are the specifications for my old computer [Asus Eee pc 1005HA]


      Integrated Intel GMA 900; VGA port (up to        1600×1280 )



      Please help me!


      I have put this on game forums and everyone says the problem is the computer graphics. I asked Sony and they say the problem is the incompatibility with the game, but all the Vaio computer specification says is its an Intel HD Graphic card. I don't know what are the specifications of intel HD card either.


      Is the card from my netbook better than my vaio card?!


      I just find it all incredibly weird.


      This is the thread in the game forums: http://forums.gamersfirst.com/index.php?showtopic=117537&st=0