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    DX58SO2 Reboot with Win OS


      Hi averyone.


      I'm new here.


      I have just ensambled my new PC with:


      DX58SO2 MotherBoard

      Intel i7 950 Processor

      2x4GB Crusier memory 1333 10600

      PNY 1GB GX550 NVIDEA

      SSD kingstone 64gb


      I try to install Win 7 x64 on my SSD, but it never finish the installation it reboot, after that I try to install Win 7x32, Win XP SP3, Win XP SP2, and get the same error, so I try with Centos 5.6 and it work great.


      I update the Bios to 0775 version and try to install Win again to see if the issue is related to some kind of driver error, but get the same error.


      Changing some option on the Bios i came to find that if I disable de C1E funtion, it let me install Win and all, but the problem is that now it is rebooting again when i use Google Chrome.


      What can be the cause of this error?

      How can I fix it?

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          There is no 775 BIOS for DX58SO2, perhaps a typing mistake?


          Note that a new BIOS 0779 dated 2011-04-06 is available. I have absolutely no idea if this would help your problem.


          Good luck!



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            Sorry, that is the version that I have installed 0779.

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              I would suggest to tryto install to another disk (if you have one). Also connect to another SATA port, new SATA cable etc etc.


              Also try with just a single memory stick. Remove and re-insert the memory stick  to make sure it's seated firmly.


              A certain amount of trial and error testing can not be avoided unfortunately.


              Take care



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                I find out that the constant reboot was cause because high Temperature on the processor. I think it is because it come with the overclocking funtion enable, so anybody know wich is the best configuration for the performance on the DX58SO2 for an Intel I7 950 Procesor?

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                  if you mean REBOOTING like a cold reboot,

                  that the computer just is black like pressing the reset button,


                  then i would try to change the power supply.


                  we had this case, with the first psu we used (580W)


                  any power calculator said, 400-450W would be fine.


                  but still it did not work right with 580W.


                  but it's not only the power, it's the accurance of the voltages.

                  The dx58so2 is very picky with these values.


                  we changed the power supply to a high performance device with 750W.

                  we have no more problems with these resets anymore.


                  we still have problems, that the board fails to boot from time to time.

                  we have to press the reset button then and give it a second try.


                  this happens about 25 to 3, say 3 fails and 22 suceeds.



                  so we have ordered another psu which is very fast to start and deliver the exact voltages at the very start.


                  hope then we can boot up 100% without any fails.


                  good luck.