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    DP67BG - bios 1979 overclocking problems


      Ok looks like Intel has further degraded the ability of their "extreme" motherboard to overclock.  With the newest bios (1979) I am unable to set my 4-core ratio limit to anything higher than 45!  Can someone else report if they are also having the same problem?  What a joke this is Intel.  You advertise this board as being an overclocker's dream but it's more like a nightmare.  We get really bad V-Droop with this board when it's set to "Performance" mode (this started with bios 1900) and now we are unable to set a ratio higher than 45 with the latst bios update.  Why did I buy this board when I could have gone with ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte or even Biostar.  At least those boards can overclock the K-series CPU's and really bring out their true performance.  The only thing the DP67BG has going for it now is the lighted Skull.  Watch Intel take away the option to have the Skull lighting enabled with the next bios update!!

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          Well I see what the problem is.  For some reason I cannot change the ratio limits in the BIOS directly but I am able to using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.  Guess I will just have to get used to using that program when I overclock instead of the old-fashioned way of doing it in the BIOS.

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            I was able to get my 2500K to 4.72GHz with CPU volts at 1.41.  Under load V-Droop is really poor and the CPU volts go down to 1.38 but it's stable and temps never go above 68C at load.  I tried to get to 5.0GHz but I don't think my chip is capable

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              Also, if anyone out here has overclocked with the DP67BG, do you keep your voltage setting on static or dynamic?  I have mine set to static right now but I want to change it to dynamic but I don't want to cause any instability.  Will it??

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                Have to agree with you here. Starting with v1900 everything went down the drain. VDroop this high is unacceptable for an enthusiast board. I'm currently at 4,5 with dynamic voltage set to 1,25 which ramps up to 1,4080 under load (got tired of static with that high vdroop).


                Currently stable at this setting but had 2 power off and power without any load. It seems it went away.

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                  Will I need to do any further tweaking if I set my voltage to dynamic?

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                    No. Just keep the rest of the settings the same as when you were on static. If you need more voltage under load you can increase the CPU Turbo voltage offset.


                    Keep in mind that Dynamic voltage adds the difference between set voltage and boot voltage to the set voltage. In my case a setting of 1,25 results in 1,4080 under load.

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                      Thanks for the info.  Even though the board isn't the absolute best for overclocking, I still love the look of the board and it is one of the better looking P67 boards in my opinion.  I wonder if the DZ68DB is going to be released soon? Maybe Intel is just going to have a Z68 board along with the H67 boards and do away with the DP67BG?  I got my B3 revision DP67BG from Intel RMA a few weeks ago but I still cannot find any of these boards for sale anywhere.  If the Z68 board looks as good or better than the DP67 then I think I may just buy one of them.

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                        Ok this was scary:  I changed the setting to Dynamic (V-Droop setting on Low "Performance") with CPU volts set to 1.415 and, when I ran the CPU stress test with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, the load voltage went up to 1.58v !!!  I immediately restarted my PC and changed it back to Static setting.  Now I get a load voltage of 1.38v which is what my overclock setting has been confirmed to be stable.  I wonder why my voltage went so high when set to Dynamic?  I thought it wouldn't go any higher than what I had set the CPU voltage to which is 1.415.  Is there something else I need to change?

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                          Sorry vvv850 - I just re-read your response and now I know why the voltage spiked up to 1.58.  So when I run a stress test my load voltage is usually between 1.3840 to 1.3920.  This is at 4.72GHz with a ratio of 45 and a bus speed of 105.  What do I need to set my CPU voltage to if I want my Dynamic load voltage to be no higher than 1.3920?

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                            I tried to warn you so you wouldn't be surprised with this spike. I have set mine at 1,25V dynamic. Mine doesn't go over 1,4080V.


                            Sorry to here that my advice got you in a bit of a pickle but i tried to inform you of this kind of behaviour. You should also check the Performance Tuning Guide.

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                              Yeah I was dumb...oh well it was only at 1.58v for a couple of seconds and I have a CoolIT water cooler on the chip so I should be OK.  Anyway I changed the voltage to 1.235 dynamic but I had trouble booting into Windows.  It would get stuck at the splash screen.  I am just gonna give up for now and run at stock settings.

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                                I've done the same, I was running 4.72 with the old bios [1900], even at 4.5 on new bios I was getting blue screens


                                Think I'll wait for a new bios before I go overclocking again with this board


                                p.s. I also went through the "freak out" scenario watching my CPU voltage hit 1.5v in CPU-z when running benchmarks, quick re-read of the performance tuning guide reassured me whart was going on


                                Temps have been great tho with the Corsair A70, even on highest clocks it never went over 65 on short run full processor loads

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                                  Well I couldn't just leave my PC at stock...it was killing me not to overclock my 2500K so I am now at 4.5Ghz (45 x 100 bus speed) with a Static voltage of 1.400 and everything is completely stable and I get no higher than 65C at load with my CoolIT Vantage.  I don't think running a constant 1.4v will do any damage at all and it's running cool.  For some reason I had too many problems when I tried switching to dynamic voltage, but that was with my 4.72GHz overclock.  4.5 is really quick enough anyway so I will just leave it there ....for now.

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                                    I just got my DP67BG the other day and I installed 1976 (was 1900) after not being able to get past 4.2GHz.  Well, 1979 was no different for me, so I tried the aggressive autotune and it made it up to 4.7 before lockups to desktop.  I was unable to get it to continue the autotune so I lowered the blck from 107 down to 106 and it booted into windows and continued to autotune.  but it lowered my bclk to 100 and said it was fine at 4.4GHz.


                                    I now set it to 106 manually, but autotune telling me it's bad and goes back to bclk 100.


                                    Is there a way to stop this utility from running without uninstalling it?


                                    What settings have you used?



                                    I was playing with it some more, and it is only hitting 4.3GHz with 4.4GHz for a single core, which it never hit yet.  I'm running LinX and it's at 4.3GHz and 58c (watercooled) at 1.4080v and drops to 1.3600v occasionally.


                                    I see my vcore is set to Dynamic and the tuner reports 1.1000v but hits 1.4080v under load.


                                    some of the other setting are:


                                    memory 1.61v

                                    Turbo Boost Power 134w

                                    Turbo Boost Short Power 134w

                                    Core Current Limit 114A

                                    Additional Turbo Volts 80mV

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