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    SSD not appearing correctly


      I've installed a new SSD as a secondary drive and it has worked for two days. At the moment, I can't see any mention of it in Computer (Windows   Explorer) and the BIOS only detects 'Intel Bootloader' when it used to detect the SSD properly.

      I can't enable AHCI, my motherboard is an Nforce 680i SLI. I've also tried moving SATA ports.


      There is a screenshot below of the disk manager, I believe Disk 2 should be the 120GB Intel X-25M G2 SSD (ignore the 8GB USB):



      After Hard Drive Diagnostics (SSD is in SATA 4, ignore the rest):



      BIOS can't see SSD properly:


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          It is likely that the Solid-state drive is not working properly; try testing it in a different computer or through an external USB to SATA converter.


          Because of the nature of the issue you are experiencing, and to better assist you, please call our Technical Support Staff. In North America, they can be reached at (916) 377-7000.


                          Hours of Operation:


                          07:00 to 17:00

                          (US Pacific Time)



          Telephone numbers for Intel® Support Centers worldwide can be found at:




          Chat support can be accessed through the following link:




          Please select your product under the category:


          “Select from the product list below to find technical and/or warranty support:”


          We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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            I emailed support; is it normal to not receive a confirmation email after sending? Just wondering if it went through.