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    Intel lacks information


      Hi All,

      I just finished putting my first and maybe my last computer together.

      I have a Intel DX58S02 motherboard and I7-960 CPU. When turning it on for first time I looked at motherboard and a led lght goes to number 68 then goes back to 16 and three long beeps are repeated over and over.  I cannot seem to find out which beep codes List I am supposed to go by or what the 16 is trying to tell me. Noting I could find on Intels site. Any help would be appreciated.

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          The three beeps is a ram problem , If you can get in the BIOS at all check the volts on the ram might be too high.??

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            First I put a stick in slot one then tried another in slot one. I even have slot one and two filled now. The ram is 1.5 volts which Corsair told me would be just fine

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              What Corsair memory are you using.  This board is VERY picky about memory.


              As mentioned above, the 3 long beeps indicate a "Memory  Error".


              The 68 code is probably a B8 code indicates "Detecting and initializing fixed media"


              The 16 code indicates "SMBUS driver init"


              You might d/l the Intel Desktop Board DX58SO2 Product guide.  The beep codes are on page 73.  The Post codes are on pages 76-77.


              Even after you get the memory running right, you might check and make sure the board has not reverted the memory profile to something a lot slower than what you expect.  I had a similiar issue with Corsair Vengeance 2000 Mhz memory.



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                Hi I checked with two differant Corsair techs on two differant days before I purchased the memory from a retailer. They both told me the DX58S02 board was fine and the I7-960 was fine because their memory would clock down to 1066 if need be. The triple memory they sold me on is 12 megs of CMZ12GX3M3A1600C9, 1.5volts and 9-9-9-24. One tech said install the memory one at a time to make sure each was ok.

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                  If you have more than one stick of memery in (If I understand you correctly you have two) make sure they are in the same color slots, not one in a blue and one in a black.

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                    Hi Bobm202,


                    I don't know what kind of memory configuration you are trying to run, duel channel?, triple channel?


                    Here is a link found here on the Intel site that may help you understand the different memory configurations you can try with this board.




                    If your trying to run a triple channel configuration with a Corsair RAM Kit then you will want to put each of your three DIMMs in the blue slots only.

                    these slots are listed as:

                    Channel A, DIMM 0

                    Channel B, DIMM 0

                    Channel C, DIMM 0


                    DIMM 0 = the blue slots

                    DIMM 1 = the black slots

                    for other configurations you can refer to the link I posted.

                    Intel has provided the information, and this link came from the DX58SO2_TechProdSpec.pdf also provided by Intel.


                    Good Luck, I hope this helps you.

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                      I have three totaly. I was just trying to see if each stick was fine first. I have six slots on the board. I used slot one first alone then tried slots one and two but same problem.

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                        Sorry but this confuses me more looking at that page, I have six slots not four an d have tried two of the blue slots labled one and two. They must have a drawing with the right confiq hidden somewhere.

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                          Well after having to call Intel 5 times today in which 3 calls were disconnected I finally found out my NEW DX58SO2 motherboard is DEAD. Thanks for all your help.  To be continued........

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                            Same board, same CPU, same memory.  I cannot get the memory to run above 1066.  The BIOS boot failure message says the XMP specs do not match, but the memory was a kit and CPU-ID and Intel Tuning Tool all say they match.


                            Everything else works, so I will accept that, however the IOH does run pretty hot when gaming (72 C).  But that is an issue for another post.


                            Hope you get up and running.

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                              Hello all,

                              My first board never posted.

                              After 5 hours with 5 differant Intel calls they finally told me the board would not work. Puzzled, I thought that was the reason I called them about. Not wanting to wait a week or two I immediately called Circuit City and they sent out a new board the same day. I got the second board to post immediately,added win 7 pro and then updated immediately to Bios 0779 and then over the next few weeks added a lot of programs and tested them for compatability. Only one was winfax that will not work under win7pro.

                              The only thing I notice is that after about fours hours when I have to wake up the machine buy hitting a key, instead of led light going to 00 it goes to 30 and stays there until I reboot. Don't know if that is normal but I can live with that having no other problems so far as I can tell. Before buying the corsair ram I called the company and support told me that the I 960 chip would only clock at 1066 but I could use XMP in bios and let that control the ram which I have not tried yet, listening to problems some of you have stated here about overclocking problems. I then called Intel and they confirmed that the chip would run only 1066 Max because that was what they designed it for. Why they did that and made the board go faster is beyond my comprehension. Although I bought 12 megs of triple ram only 4 are used in 32 bit version of 7 pro but my machine does tell me I have 12 installed so I thing those of you having problems might be using the 64 bit version of win7 pro if you are not seeing all your ram.


                              Hope this helps someone,