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    Intel HD3000 graphics driver on 2011 MacBook Pro 15


      I am unable to install the Intel HD3000 driver on a 2011 Macbook Pro 15 running Win7 x64.  The CPU is an i7-2635QM.  I want to enable the Intel HD integrated graphics and disable the ATI 6490M discrete graphics in order to extend battery life.


      If I run the automated setup (either from Apple Bootcamp drivers or Intel downloaded drivers), I get the following message:  "This computer does not meet the minimum hardware requirements."


      I I try a manual/legacy install, I get the choice of Intel HD Graphics Family, Intel HD Graphics, or Intel HD Graphics Family (three choices), when I point to the Graphics folder of the unzipped Intel drivers.  Installing any of them goes forward, but the htab of the Driver properties box shows a Code 31 (drivers failed to load).  Disabling the ATI adapter gives me a VGA 800x600 screen (the screen is 1440x900) with large black borders, so the machine is clearly not seeing the integrated graphics hardware despite installation of the graphics driver.


      Since this is a Mac (EFI), I don't have the choice of enabling the integrated graphics in a BIOS boot screen.


      Thanks very much