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    Deciding between i7-2600 and i7-2600k

      I am building a new computer. My usage would be mostly as a linux workstation and with low-end gaming, photoshop or minimal video editing.
      Currently the confusion is between sandy bridge 2600 and 2600k. 2600k seems to be a general choice around the web. Why is then 2600 even there? The comparision at intel says I will get better graphics with unlocked cpu at a negligible price overhead with 2600k. But the k kicks out some features regarding virtualization (I need virtualization) and trusted execution .
      Also since Z68 chipset is to be released in May this year, I have decided to wait and go with that. I won't overclock or add gpu anytime soon but after some years as requirement comes.
      My blog post providing the details of the probable computer configuration: http://www.rohanjain.in/blog/building-my-power-computer/
      So what should be the best choice for me?


      Changed the probable motherboard