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    Intel Core i3 M 370 2.40GHz and Windows Experience Index Question


      Is it normal to receive a 3,2 or 2,9 rating in Windows Experience Index under 64 and 32-bit Windows 7 OS respectively  on ASUS Notebook K52JC?

      When I run the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, I get the following report with some errors:


      --- IPDT64 - rev ---

      --- Start Time: 04/24/2011 01:16:48---

      --- Skipping Config ---

      --- Reading CPU Manufacturer ---

      Expected --> GenuineIntel
      Detected --> GenuineIntel
      Found --- Genuine Intel Processor ---

      --- Temperature Test ---

      Temperature Test Passed!!!

      Temperature = 49 degrees C below maximum.

      --- Reading Brand String ---

      Detected Brand String:
      Intel Core i3        M 370   2.40GHz

      Brand String Test Passed!!!

      --- Reading CPU Frequency ---

      Expected CPU Frequency is --> 2.40

      Detected CPU Frequency is --> 1.81784

      CPU Frequency Test Passed with Warning!!!

      The processor frequency could be affected by over-clocking or power management

      features.  Intel(R) does not support over-clocking of its processors.
      Over-clocking is not compatible with the Intel(R) Processor Diagnostic Tool.

      In order to ensure the processor frequency is not affected by these, please
      enter BIOS and load defaults and disable any 'Over-Clocking' or power
      management features that may be affecting processor frequency. Also please set
      any software applications which control power management features to default.

      --- FSB NOT Supported on this Processor ---

      --- Running Base Clock test ---

      Detected Base Clock --> 100

      !!! ---  Base Clock test  Fail --- !!!

      --- Test End Time: 04/24/2011 01:16:59---



      Is there a way to "fix" those error messages? Disabling the BIOS over-clocking setting had no effect.