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      I'm interested in buying the new Asus EEE slate EP121 that has a Coire i5 470um processor.


      I saw that it is a core i5 mobile which has a core speed of 1.33GHz and that my friend's processor is a core i5 mobile which has a core speed of 2.4GHz(i5 520M).


      It seemed to me that it is a very good processor and now I'm not so sure, can someone explain to me if it really has half the speed of the other one or that I don't understand something?


      Thanks ahead.

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          Yes, the speeds of the two processors you mentioned are correct, although they both have turbo boost, the i5-470Um to 1.86GHz, and the i5-520M to 2.93GHz.  Intel currently has 20 Core i5 Mobile processors on the market, the "UM" versions having a different application than the "M" versions.  The UM CPUs are intended for small, low power usage tablet PCs.  These are all the Intel Core i5 Mobile Processors:




          What type of PC is the i5-520M used in?  A standard laptop or a tablet?  The EP121 is a Tablet PC, a smaller, lighter, and more portable than a laptop.  Tablets simply will be a less powerful PC than a good laptop, just as a good laptop is less powerful than a good desktop PC.  The i5-470UM CPU has a maximum TDP of 18 Watts, that is incredible for it's performance, the i5-520M's maximum TDP is 35 Watts, and could not be used in a tablet PC.  Comments I read about the EP121 said it is "... almost a laptop...", which is a great compliment for a device of this type and size.

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            Thank you very much,

            I'm very greatful for your willing to help - and I got what I needed.