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    Bllue Screen Crashes


      After clicking to start Roxio Easy VHS to DVD I get a Blue Screen Crash. I go to Control Panel/Problem Reports and Solutions I receive:


      Address a problem with Intel graphics driver.

      Intel graphics driver has stopped working properly.

      A driver update, if available, might prevent this problem from recurring.

      There are several ways of locating and installing driver updates, but it is best to let Windows do this for you. Try the first step below, which describes the process. If it doesn't produce a driver update that solves the problem, then try the remaining steps in the order given.

      1. about:blank#here

        Check for optional third-party updates

      2. about:blank#here

        Try updating Intel graphics driver manually

      3. about:blank#here

        Check the Intel Corporation website for driver updates

      4. about:blank#here

        Check your computer manufacturer's website for driver update

      I am using a HP computer, so, following instructions, I went to HP and installed the latest Intel driver.

      Notes said driver was installed succesfully. Computer re-booted.

      I try Roxio again, and receive the same message - Address a problem with Intel graphics driver.


      What am I missing? Why do I receive the driver message when I have already taken the steps suggested?


      I don't know whether or not this could even be related to the Intel driver, but I am suspicious that somewhere I might have a corrupted or missing "dll".

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          Has Roxio worked before?  Was this installed after computer purchase?  What version is it?

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            Thank you for taking an interest in my problem.


            Yes, the program worked previously.


            Yes, it was installed after purchase of my computer.


            The program was purchased directly from Roxio in 2010. It shows copyright 1994-2010. No version is mentioned on the Disk. The shipping box shows "Rev E".


            Again, thank you.



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              I assume the optical DVD drive is an original HP. Perhaps an HP update messed it up. Hardware conflicts can be sporadic in case you added a graphics card.  The HP forums can be of some help. I've only checked the printer forums myself. I haven't seen this issue (I haven't even got any DVD software installed at this time) but I'll think about it some.  I get BSOD every couple months with a TV-tuner and GT240 together and am considering dumping the graphics card.  The best bet would be to reinstall or do a repair if that option is offered in Control Panel Uninstall Programs.

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                Thank you . Your comment that an update of the graphics card could be the cause was the key to the solution. When I reinstalled the original Intel graphics driver my problem was solved. Jim