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    Machine Check Exception with Linux on Atom N280 CPU




      I have an Asus 1005HA Netbook with an Atom N280 CPU in it and it is running Ubuntu 11.04.


      When doing some special operations I get a kernel panic with an Machine Check Exception.


      This happens when make a git clone over the git protocol like from http://www.project-moonshot.org/git/libeap.git

      The interesting thing is that the MCE does not occur when compiling a Linux kernel at the same time. This behavior is 100% reproachable.


      The problem also occurred with Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04.


      Is this Machine Check Exception caused by a problem in the hardware and I should contact my dealer to fix this hardware problem or is this a software bug and I should contact the Linux guys? I still have some months warranty on this device.


      A screenshot with the MCE can be found here: http://hauke-m.de/files/mce/mce-1.jpg

      The kernel log can be found here: http://hauke-m.de/files/mce/dmesg-1.txt


      If you need any further informations please contact me. I googled for some help with this bug but I have not found any helpful websites, does someone know some nice website about this topic?