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    DX58SO GTX460 and RAID Controller (bouth PCI-E)




      I buy this Board just a few weeks ago.

      Till yesterday i was absolutely happy with the DX58SO.


      Before I beginn with the Problem, here my Configuration:


      DX58SO - BIOS 5559

      CPU     Intel XEON W5580

      RAM     Kingston HyperX 3*2GB

      GPU     nVidia GTX 460


      I Think those are the Key Components.


      The System works fine with this configuration. Yesterday i try to install an Adaptec Raid Controller, so i also can use SAS HDDs.

      After I install it on the second PCI-E Port, the board starts with Fans on full speed for about 5 sec. Than it shout down and restart with Beep code but it boots.

      The LEDs on the Controller working and he initialize the connected HDDs.

      A few seconds later I can see the Board HDD LEDs flashing and I'm sure the OS booting but there is no Picture on the Display.


      So I think the board have a problem with this Configuration. I read the manual but there is no info about using two different PCI-E.


      Is there any solution how can i use this controller and my GPU at the same time?


      Thanks in advance.