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    Having Problem To Install Ram On DP45SG Board


      Heloo experts,


      I would like to query, why if i install any additional or new ram on this DP45SG board, it never response and the beep sound is trigering?


      Is there any resets i need to do before i install new ram or additional rams?


      When i purchase this board, i install 2GB DDR3 ram and now i wanted to install 2 GB more or 4 GB .. it never recognize my ram and only beep sound trigering. Now even i take out the 2GB which i install on 1st time .. and try to install the new 2GB ram, it still not working. The board like fix memory on the ram which i install on the 1st time.


      Is there any way for me to let my board work on additional rams? it have 4 slot but i have only use 1 slot.


      Guide and help realy appericiated.


      Thank you. 

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          I can tell you from experence this board will only work right with one kind of RAM , DDR3-1333-10600, If you use anything that says DDR3-1333-10666, you will get nothing but problems , This caused by the BIOS.

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            erkkk .. it mean this board realy suckss ... i spent so much of money to buy a high end board but this board is a crap.. intel should overcome this problem by find a solution at the bios.


            Next time im not going to go with intel boards any more ..



            Thank you very much bro for your advice .. at lease i can buy the same exact model ram to upgrade.



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              The DR45SG is actualy a very good board , you must read the specs carefuly before buying parts , I own one of these , and sufered the same frustration , Once I figured what the problem was , I got 8GB of the right RAM installed a QX9650 Quad core, Dual HD4770 Graphics cards ( they have to be bridged ) This one downfall of the board it will not do a software crossfire, Than most boards won't. But now I have a stable fast machine very dependable. One other thing I can tell you if you are going to use 8GB of RAM and I recomend Coursair, turn the ram volts up to 1.6 volts insteed of 1.5 default. With Ram It's never a good idea to mix brands or models , get a complete set that match, The ram you just got can you return it ??

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                Thanks bro for the response. The ram i have purchased is not returnable. So i have to wait till someone who wants to buy from me. I bought one piece of 4gb DDR3 and one piece of 2gb DDR3 ...


                any how i have the plan to upgrade but this time im going to pluck out the installed ram and bring to retail shop to get the exact model as it  



                Thanks alot for ur advice and idea bro